VLM – Best Practices

Virtual Line Management (VLM) is the evolved approach to providing for safe and efficient entry protocol to your business.

The following are Best Practice Guidelines to optimize the effectiveness of your SAFE APPROACH Entry Protocol

Provide your customers with both advance and immediate knowledge of your establishment’s having Safe Approach.
Every location is provided 2 methods of access to help visitors access and join your Virtual Line. 1) An Embed code that is white-labeled to be seemlessly embedded on your businesses website and 2) a QR Code for easy display in marketing and print collateral as well as on your establishment’s entry points.

1. Your Embed Code is most effective when displayed on your website on the URL at which you receive your online visitors inquiries on how best to attend your business. These tend to be your Contact Us page, Hours of Operation Page and/or Find a Location page.

2. Display your location’s QR Code prominently at your establishment’s entry. Window Decals, Sandwich Boards, Posters are great ways to both display your location’s QR and invite visitors to scan in order to join your Virtual Line.

Preparing your establishment to implement the SAFEAPPROACH Virtual Line Management Entry Protocol is designed to be quick and easy. Each Location is provided a self managed portal from which to Manage your Waitlist.
From your Location Back End you will be alerted when new visitors join the waitlist. The SAFEAPPROACH system manages incoming requests and displays them in the order in which they are received. You have the power to decide who enters and when, simply press the Ready button and SAFEAPPROACH notifies the visitor it is their turn to enter with the exact messaging you have programmed into the platform.

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